MARK-9 (Medical Assistance for Retired K-9’s) is a 501(c)3 organization that was established to assist the handlers with the financial needs of medical care for their retired K-9 partner.

These dogs deserve a happy, comfortable retirement.

MARK-9 was founded in 2014 by a veterinarian and a law enforcement K-9 handlers who has a special interest in the well-being of what happens to a working K-9 when they retire.

As K-9’s retire due to medical issues or age, all costs associated with the retired K-9 are typically the responsibility of the officer. Very few departments have a program in place to assist with the medical needs of these K-9’s during retirement.

These retired K-9’s have a need for ongoing veterinary care, whether if be annual wellness care, an unexpected illness, or a medical emergency.

For K-9’s who have served a minimum of five years prior to retirement, MARK-9 is able to assist with these expenses.

The Ciro Fund was established in 2015 to assist with medical care for K-9’s who have lost their human partner. Read more….