Handler: David Bonn
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 8/23/2014
Department: Hillsboro Police Department
Function: Narcotics Detection
Years Worked: 6/23/2016 – 8/8/2021

Ace was born 8/23/2014 in Hungary. He was selected to be a working dog by Vohn Liche Kennels and was ultimately selected to by a drug detection canine for the Hillsboro Police Department and paired with his handler (me).

During his career, Ace was deployed 314 times with the Hillsboro Police Department and assisted numerous state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies, including every police agency within Washington County. He also assisted agencies within Multnomah, Clackamas, and Linn counties, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

Ace played a role in the seizure of over 11 pounds of methamphetamine, 2.6 pounds of heroin, 2.5 pounds of cocaine, 900 pills of suspect fentanyl and over 1,000 pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Here is a link to our press release when Ace retired: