Handler: Thomas Warmoth
Breed: Dutch Shepherd
DOB: 9/11/2014
Department: Winnebago County Sheriff
Function: Patrol and narcotics
Years Worked: 3/25/2016 – 9/7/2021

K9 Ares came from Holland and he and myself trained at Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania. Ares served as a dual purpose dog doing patrol and narcotics work. During his career he helped seize over one million dollars from drug traffickers and over a million dollars in street value narcotics. My proudest moment from K9 Ares did not come from an arrest or drug bust. Ares was able to track a missing female that had been gone over 6 hours. He was able to locate her in the woods at a park while she was having a seizure, and had been suffering from several while she was missing. I truly couldn’t have asked for a better partner.