Handler: Andy Kabat
Breed: English Pointer
DOB: 4/22/2013
Department: Chicago Police Department
Function: Explosive Detection
Years Worked: Nine years

Derby started his career as a vapor dog at a Philadelphia airport. In 2015, Derby was assigned as a Explosive Detection canine for Chicago Police Department in the Mass Transit Unit In July, 2017 Derby’s handler retired and Derby was reassigned to handler Kabat and worked as Explosive Detection canine in the airport unit. Derby and his handler worked together from July, 2017 until their retirement together on the 15th of June, 2023. Derby is enjoying his well deserved retirement by going for long walks and chasing rabbits and squirrels. Derby enjoys going boating and watching all the ducks and geese in the water. Derby is a hunting dog so he loves to point at the wildlife animals.