Handler: Jean Carney
Breed: Labrador/Vizsla
DOB: 2/1/2011
Department: Transportation Security Administration
Function: Explosive Detection
Years Worked: 1/2013 – 3/2018

EEtte was born February 1, 2011 into the TSA Puppy Program at Lackland Airforce Base. The Program was initiated to breed and raise dogs specifically for the TSA Canine Explosive Detection Program. The Puppy Program named all of the puppies after 911 victims or military personnel that sacrificed their lives in the war on terror. EEtte was named after Sadie Ette, a civilian that lost her life on the 106th floor at 1 World Trade Center on 911. The double first letter indicates the dog is part of that Puppy Program naming convention.

EEtte entered formal training at Lackland at about 10 months old and was placed into Explosive Detection service with TSA at the Kansas City International Airport. She also served in the Orlando Airport and the Saint Louis Airport. During her years with TSA and the Department of Homeland Security she supported the security of a Super Bowl, a College Football Championship and other national security events. She was a very effective detection canine that worked tirelessly with enthusiasm. She supported the mission with tail wags and that beautiful canine smile!