Handler: Joseph Johnston
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 7/17/2013
Department: City of Markham Police Department
Function: Narcotics Detection and Patrol
Years Worked: 2/12/2015 – 5/17/2024

K9 Sergeant Jäger started his career with the City of Markham Police Department in February of 2015 and retired in May of 2024. The K9 program was resurrected and now due to K9 Sergeant Jäger’s abilities the program has grown to two active units with plans to add two more by 2025. K9 Sergeant Jäger is a dual purposes trained male German Shepherd Dog who has been responsible for seizing over 30 lbs of illegal narcotics (cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, MDMA and Cannabis.) K9 Sergeant Jäger has apprehended 34 felony offenders, seized 83 illegal firearms and seized $115K in asset forfeiture. K9 Sergeant Jäger was also responsible for $389K in local ordinance violations being assessed in his 9.5 year career.