DOB: June 14, 2011
Department: Frederick County Sheriff’s Office
Function: Patrol and detection
Years Worked: 2012-2020

Jager was born on June 14, 2011. I got him in August of 2012, and we began training for patrol work (tracking, article search, building search, apprehension work, etc. Following patrol class, we started detection (drugs) work. Jager did very well in both disciplines, because he is very smart, and has incredible hunt drive.

In training, we had to take extreme care to make sure that Jager could not get to hides (hiding drugs in metal boxes or heavy nylon bags, underneath complex and heavy objects) because it was not unusual for him to work completely to the hide.

On our first day on the street, following training, units were involved in a foot pursuit with an individual that was later confirmed to have committed a burglary of a residence. Once the suspect was in custody the officers directed us to the area that they had first spotted the suspect. We conducted a back track that led to the stash of stolen items, and then to the house from which they had been stolen.

Jager had numerous successful searches, probably the most notable was when he assisted our SWAT team in searching a residence for a barricaded suspect. Jager found the suspect hidden inside of the couch in the basement. He pushed the couch out of the way, prompting the suspect to attempt to get away, whereby Jager bit him on the back of his thigh and held on until we secured the suspect and I removed Jager. I actually sat on his (Jager’s) head as I placed handcuffs on the suspect, and Jager never released his grip until I commanded him to.

Jager and I both retired from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office on November 30, 2020.