Handler: Anthony Bastinelli
DOB: 2006
Department:  Beaverton Police Department (Oregon)
Years Worked: 8 years

Kahz VonBlickenberg was born 10.26.2006. He was purchased from von grunheide shepherds in Snohomish, Washington. He was first certified by the Oregon Police Canine Association on 10.28.2009 and retired April 7, 2017.

He worked our cities (Beaverton, Oregon) and counties (Washington County) first dual certified K9 (narcotics and patrol, tracking/handler protection).

Kahz was an amazing, very successful, confident working dog with a very goofy personality. He needed zero motivation to do his job. He now is at home, enjoying retirement and protecting his family from terrifying stuffed animals.

Kahz Kahz Kahz Kahz Kahz