Handler: Ivan Dominguez Jr.
Breed: Labrador
DOB: 9/20/2012
Department: Walt Disney Company
Function: Explosive Detection
Years Worked: 6.5 years

Max is a goof ball that loved to search. He was born in the Netherlands and took the journey to New Symrna, Florida where I picked him up. First thing I noticed about him was the big ol head he had and he was coined the nick name “Max the meathead” because he looked like he had more muscle then brains. Well, he proved us all wrong by defying that old saying of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” because at the age of six he was able to transition from mostly static searching of items like vehicles, buildings and luggage to the dynamic search of pedestrian screening. Max became very proficient at screening our Guest and keeping thousands safe. He was a very good working dog and when he retired he became my special guy at home. It was a difficult transition at first but he adjusted well and started lounging and taking it easy. He did his time and now deserves to rest his weary head by getting the best butt scratches he could want. Thank you Mark-9 for all the support for Max.