Handler: Officer Ed Wright
DOB: May 10, 2016
Department: Elwood Police Department
Function: dual purpose narcotic patrol dog
Years Worked: February 07, 2018 through October 02, 2019

K-9 Sam was born in Slovakia on May 10, 2016. K-9 Sam was purchased and trained by Shallow Creek Kennels in late 2017. K-9 Sam is a dual purpose narcotic patrol dog. Sam was then selected and assigned to Officer Ed Wright of the Elwood Police Department after the two of them completed 300 hours of training at Shallow Creek Kennels, in Sharpsville Pennsylvania.

K-9 Sam was sworn into office on February 07, 2018. During K-9 Sam’s 1 ½ year career, he assisted many Local, State, and Federal agencies. K-9 Sam was assigned to the Illinois State Police Kendall County Narcotics Unit (CPAT). During this assignment K-9 Sam assisted CPAT with multiple search warrants, and arrests inside Kendall County.

In July of 2019 K-9 Sam was diagnosed with a rare spinal disease and medically retired from service October 02, 2019. K-9 Sam now resides with Officer Wright and his family. K-9 Sam enjoys being a pet just laying around eating lots of treats, and playing ball in his yard.