Handler: Tim Crane
DOB: 04/16/2010
Department: Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Years Worked: 6 years

K9 Sonic (Spudi) is a Czechoslovakian Import purchased from Shallow Creek Kennels in Pennsylvania who became a member of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police K9 Unit in February of 2012. K9 Sonic is a Patrol/Narcotics detection dog with several narcotic/drug finds which lead to felony arrest along with many criminal apprehensions with felony convictions. The K9 Team certified every year through Pittsburgh Police and NAPWDA in both patrol and narcotic detection without issues. The team served until March 2018 when Tim and K9 Sonic retired. K9 Sonic has already battled and won a fight against Myasthenia gravis in 2013 which vets thought would end his career and life, but he not only lived he became a 1% to return to full duty and has been clear since early 2014. He is now suffering from a herniated disc in his back, T-3-4-5, and it is too risky to operate. He is on Prednisone now and the bills are piling up from medication and the MRI. Without the assistance of Mark-9 I have no idea what we would do. K9 Sonic and I are and were the true meaning of the term “Team.” We have been through some tough times and he has never failed me, and I never would hope to never fail him. Thank you and your awesome organization for helping retired Police K9 teams continue to live pain free in retirement.