Handler: Officer Temple
Department: Plum Police Department, Plum, PA
Function: narcotics and utility/patrol
Years Worked: July 2007 to January 2018

K-9 Voda served the Plum Police Department, Plum PA from July 2007 to January 2018 (10 1/2 years). K-9 Voda was one of the longest working canines in the country.  K-9 Voda was a dual purpose trained K-9 in narcotics and utility/patrol. K-9 Voda’s primary use was narcotics detection. K-9 Voda and I worked with multiple drug task forces such as DEA, Postal Inspectors, PA Attorney General, Allegheny County (DANET), and Pennsylvania State Police. K-9 Voda was credited with hundreds of drug seizures along with money seizures.

One of K-9 Voda’s most memorable deployments was the apprehension of a bank robber as the bank robber was attempting to carjack a woman to escape. K-9 Voda’s superior tracking ability resulted in the apprehension of multiple felons.  K-9 Voda was credited for locating a missing child.

In the community, K-9 Voda interacted with children and students of all ages. We participated in a reading program at an elementary school. The students with reading disabilities would read to K-9 Voda. I am very proud of K-9 Voda’s accomplishment.

In August of 2018, K-9 Voda was diagnosed with cancer in his right shoulder. K-9 Voda is currently receiving treatment and doing well. K-9 Voda is enjoying life and retirement. K-9 Voda had his 14th birthday on January 7.

Voda and Officer Temple