Zeta 21-33

Handler: Nathan Speelman
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 3/8/2013
Department: Dayton Police Department
Function: Explosive Detection and Patrol
Years Worked: 7/24/2014 – 2/12/2022

Zeta was certified as a dual purpose canine for the Dayton Police Department in Dayton, Ohio on July 24, 2014. She served tirelessly for almost 8 years (until Feb., 2022) in the dual roles of explosives detection and patrol K-9. Some of her duties in bomb detection have included: the 2016 & 2020 Presidential elections, 2015 MLB All-Star game, NCAA First Four, UD Men’s Basketball, US Men’s World Cup Qualifying Game, WWE Smackdown, and Country Concert in Fort Loramie. Then of course there’s dignitary protection, tracking of missing children and seniors, wanted fugitives and bomb sweeps—more than 50 of them specifically at schools. During her almost 8 year career, she was deployed in excess of 250 times.