Handler: Rob Wolfe
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 07/14/2009
Department: Beaverton Police Department, Oregon
Years Worked: 8 years


Enzo was born July 14th, 2009, at Zwinger vom Kluttenplatz in Bedburg, Germany, with a registered name of Gucci Vom Kluttenplatz.  His name was changed to Enzo because it is much easier to pronounce and other K9’s might have laughed at him if he kept the name of Gucci.  Both of Enzo's parents are working dogs and some of his siblings are as well.

 Officer Wolfe was chosen to be Enzo’s handler and they met for the first time less than 48 hours after he arrived in the United States at Von Grunheide Shepherds in Snohomish, Washington.  Enzo was only about 18 months old at the time.  With a little puppy fur, some crazy looking eyes and a ton of energy Enzo was put through some police dog candidate testing.  The testing showed that Enzo was a good candidate to go through the full k9 training program at the Beaverton Police Department (OR) with Officer Wolfe.

 Enzo is known throughout the police K9 community for his "crazy" eyes and his speed.  After Enzo and Officer Wolfe completed a 400 hour training course and were certified with the Oregon Police Canine Association as a patrol/tracking team, they hit the street tracking criminals.  Within a couple of weeks Enzo had set a record for the Beaverton Police Department.  In one night Enzo did 4 separate tracks for suspects and found a total of 5 suspects!  All were arrested and charged with crimes relating to why they were searching for them. 

 In 2013, Enzo and Officer Wolfe cross trained as a narcotic detection team as well.  They worked together until Enzo’s retirement in October of 2018, when Officer Wolfe was promoted to Sergeant.  As a team they were responsible for hundreds of apprehensions, pounds of narcotic seizures and hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug money seizures.  Enzo’s remains with the Wolfe family, is happy and healthy in retirement and ecstatic about not having to find his toy hidden in so many nasty places anymore.