Handler: Officer Chad Fredericksen
DOB: 2/10/2011
Department: Sauk Village Police Department
Function: Dual purpose
Years Worked: 7 years

K9 Falko served on Sauk Village PD for 7 years. Falko was born on 2/10/2011 and is 8 years old. K9 Falko was certified as a dual purpose dog with over 25 apprehensions. Falko is currently retired and living with his handler Officer Chad Fredericksen #106. K9 Falko is responsible for over seizing over 200k in cash and 1 million in narcotics. Falko loves chasing his ball in a open field.

K9 Falko turned 10 in February 2021 and has been enjoying retirement!! Here is a photo of him after a recent bath.