Handler: Sergeant Brian Gaunt
Breed: German Shepherd
DOB: 09/11/11
Department: Beaverton Police Department, Oregon
Years Worked: 6.5 years

K9 IKE was born September 11, 2011 in Germany. IKE was imported initially to Canada then to Von Grunheide Shepherds in Snohomish County, Washington. IKE was purchased by the Beaverton Police Department in July of 2013 and partnered with Officer Brian Gaunt. IKE and Officer Gaunt completed a 10 week, 400 hour basic patrol K9 school and were first certified through the Oregon Police Canine Association (OPCA) November 23, 2013 as a patrol tracking team. IKE and Officer Gaunt received their advanced article search certificate through OPCA in 2015. IKE and Officer Gaunt located 99 outstanding suspects, located 108 articles or pieces of evidence and assisted in the apprehension of another 94 suspects. IKE suffered a knee injury in July of 2019 which necessitated surgery and a lengthy recovery. Officer Gaunt promoted to sergeant in November of 2019 and IKE was retired from service. IKE still lives with Sergeant Gaunt and his family and is enjoying being a family dog, running on the beach, sleeping inside and getting the occasional treat he didn’t get while he was working!

Ike Ike