Handler: Kyle Dolph
Department: Harrisonburg Virginia Police Department
Function: narcotics and patrol

K9 Streak came to the Harrisonburg Virginia Police Department in April of 2012. K9 Streak is a German shepherd and was trained as a dual purpose K9, certified in both narcotics detection and patrol utility work. K9 Streak was named after the local high school mascot, the Harrisonburg “Blue Streaks”. Students at the Harrisonburg High School and Thomas Harrison Middle School conducted a fundraiser to purchase a new police K9 for the Harrisonburg Police Department. As a reward for their hard work and dedication the students were allowed to name the new K9 and they decided upon “Streak”.

Throughout his career K9 Streak assisted on numerous investigations and cases. Some of the highlights of his career include locating 44 pounds of marijuana in 2014, and locating the murder weapon in a 2016 homicide. The case in which K9 Streak located the 44 pounds of marijuana also won him the 2014 Narcotics Detection Case of the Year with the Virginia Police Canine Association. In May of 2017 K9 Streak was officially retired from the Harrisonburg Police Department. Streak now enjoys retirement and has transitioned well from being a working police dog to a stay at home house dog.